Rice is the main food in the Philippines. Most people eat three times a day rice. Everybody loves rice and a meal without rice is usually qualified as ‘not a meal’. When the price of rice is getting too high people tend to go in the streets to protest. If that happens the Government usually reacts real quick with interventions in order to make the rice affordable again. Life in the Philippines revolves around rice. As long as there is rice on the table people are happy.

Our kids in Bahay Aurora eat 3 bags of rice ( 50 kg) per week. That is a pretty large amount of rice. Our kids love rice. Especially kids who have been malnourished have the tendency to put as much rice on their plate as possible. After a few months this outrageous eating behavior is fading away. For Western standards our kids eat a lot of rice.

The price for a bag of rice is € 35. The total amount is going directly to Bahay Aurora (no administration costs).
Do this !! It really helps .

Stichting Noodhulp Filippijnen