Bahay Aurora is a children’s home in the Philippines
The Philippines is a beautiful country but suffers greatly under the contrast of wealth and poverty.  The majority of the population live in poverty, the result of which being that 10% of the Philippine children are at the mercy of what a life on the street has to offer.  They do not attend school and are forced to earn their own money just to stay alive.  Many of them are homeless and sleep on the streets. They know nothing of the privileges of care and protection.  Bahay Aurora is a children’s home located in Baras offering shelter to such children.  In this website  you can read more about the workings of Bahay Aurora and how you too can help these children.

Ball Masqué
15-09-2014 Kristien, volunteer from Belgium have come of idea to have a masquerade ball for the children of Bahay Aurora to. In preparations, the kids painted each of their own masks that they are going to wear for the party. Big kids made a magic ball hanging n the ceiling that was made of crushed old CD’s to add to the effect and make them more mysterious night. The slings for the party was made of empty sachets of Zesto juice.

Other decorations where balloons that added colors for the event. Beautiful, colorful and artistically made as it ended on their creativity.Masquerade ball took place on Friday night evening in Bahay Aurora in the 12th of September. An evening of magic, music, food and dancing.

The boys escorted each girl wearing their colorful masks and costumes as they walked in a red carpet and entered into the ball room. It started with a hunt game.

Flor played as a Queen sitting in the throne. To start, the royal guest (kids) must conquer first the quests from the Queen to find the treasure. They were divided into four groups and given some puzzles to complete to get the clues. The party continued by playing other games like paper dance, stop dance, chair game etc. The food that was prepared in the table are waffles with cream on top, ice cream, boxes of pizzas, and soup.

Queen Flor also danced solo with the song of “Dancing Queen”. The kids also performed and showed their talents in dancing and singing. Before the party ended Kristien gave bunch of candies and souvenir t-shirt with a printed colored “heart” drawn by the kids. In return of her good 
heart, Bahay Aurora also gave her a certificate of appreciation. The children really had enjoyed and had fun and made it memorable all through the night.

For Kristien : “Welcome to the family “.



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