Bahay Aurora is a children’s home in the Philippines
The Philippines is a beautiful country but suffers greatly under the contrast of wealth and poverty.  The majority of the population live in poverty, the result of which being that 10% of the Philippine children are at the mercy of what a life on the street has to offer.  They do not attend school and are forced to earn their own money just to stay alive.  Many of them are homeless and sleep on the streets. They know nothing of the privileges of care and protection.  Bahay Aurora is a children’s home located in Baras offering shelter to such children.  In this website  you can read more about the workings of Bahay Aurora and how you too can help these children.

A baby boy
-2016 After all the busy days and celebrations in the December month in Bahay Aurora, once again another celebration was added. It was the birth of the first baby of Norson and Joahnna. Joahnna was our social worker for 3 years and Norson was a child development worker for 7 years. They are both very happy for the birth of their first baby named "Nixon" a healthy cute baby boy. If you take a look at him, right away it will bring a smile to everyone. Mother and son are both doing very well. We, the staff of Bahay Aurora, the management, the board members from Holland and the board in the Philippines, and not to forget the children of Bahay Aurora, we would like to congratulate Norson and Joahnna from the bottom of our heart for the birth of their first baby Nixon. May the good Lord bless your baby as well as his mom and dad with good health, good luck and happiness now and in the coming future. Enjoy your baby boy!
Both Joahnna and Norson have resigned from Bahay Aurora. Joahnna because she needs to look after her baby. We want to thank you for your continuous support and love for the kids of Bahay Aurora and the loyalty we experienced as management. In those 3 years in Bahay Aurora you became a real professional and we wish you all the best in your future career. Norson has been working in Bahay Aurora for 7 years. From a schoolboy to a professional. It is good to change career after so many years of service and your still young so we believe your experience in Bahay Aurora will be beneficial to you in your future career. This is no goodbye or farewell from us since you are both family and part of the Bahay Aurora family so we can never part.
All the best and thank you both.  

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