Bahay Aurora is a children’s home in the Philippines
The Philippines is a beautiful country but suffers greatly under the contrast of wealth and poverty.  The majority of the population live in poverty, the result of which being that 10% of the Philippine children are at the mercy of what a life on the street has to offer.  They do not attend school and are forced to earn their own money just to stay alive.  Many of them are homeless and sleep on the streets. They know nothing of the privileges of care and protection.  Bahay Aurora is a children’s home located in Baras offering shelter to such children.  In this website  you can read more about the workings of Bahay Aurora and how you too can help these children.

Summer vacation
In the Philippines, summer holidays for kindergarten, elementary, and high schools typically start on the third or last week of March and ends in the first week of June. This coincides the country's tropical summer months which span from March to May.

Kids are on summer vacation this time, So it means that they don’t have to go to school till the first week of June. The weather is pretty humid and especially hot in the summer!How do we keep Bahay Aurora kids busy over summer vacation? Kids are busy with a lot of activities! We keep them active all day!  During day time some kids are doing some educational tutorial with our newly Child Development worker Julian. So they are prepared when they get back to school.

Some are busy with educational games ( Uno cards, puzzles, clay, drawing and painting)  And other’s are learning basketball andin training with Kuya Felix. In preparation for the Bahay Aurora basketball league. They are going to compete with the youth team from the Church of Christ. They are also busy with the gardening, and they really love doing this.

Gardening with kids of any age encourages their interest in nature and enthusiasm early on in life, and will give them invaluable basic skills and an understanding of how the whole of the eco-system works.Summer vacation in Bahay Aurora is total fun!
We keep them active but of course they need to have fun and enjoy the vacation.

This time of the year is definitely the best time for them to develop their abilities or engage in sports.

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