Bye bye Cindy & Mercedez

23-05-2014 After 11 years Cindy and Meredez will go back home.
A few days ago they needed to left Bahay Aurora. Cindy and Meredez were really sad that they needed to leave; it felt like leaving their safe haven. Bahay Aurora became a family for the girls.

There was a lot of crying so it was hard to say goodbye. Also the other kids had a hard time to tell their goodbyes to them, because they are going to miss them both so much. All the kids really appreciated Cindy and Mercedez.
The staff of Bahay Aurora is really proud of Cindy and Meredez because they showed such a big change.

They grew up from two young children to two healthy young girls. They learned a lot in Bahay Aurora and the staff is convinced they will continue at home everything Bahay Aurora teached them. Cindy and Meredez are really doing their best in school.
They understand how important it is to go to school and that is the reason they are always doing the best they can. They are really an example to other children.

Cindy will go to College and take her Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.. Meredez will take Bachelor of Science in Education major in English.
It’s hard to let them go, but we are sure they will do great in their life!
Cindy and Mercedez we wish you all the best! and may all your wishes come true!