And she’s back!

After few months, ‘Ate Melissa’ a former volunteer of Bahay Aurora came back for a visit.

Except from a suitcase full of ‘stroop wafels’, the kids were surprised of seeing her parents together with Melissa.
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Iris painted bunches of smile in children’s faces.
Melissa for another time, made the kids so happy seeing her after school sitting under the same old mango tree.

With lots of hugs, the happiness was visible in their actions. The kids really had a good bond with her as if she never left and it’s not the first time to meet her parents. For a whole week stay in Bahay Aurora, they joined the kids with their various daily activities especially the exercise, dances and games every afternoon. And of course, to make their stay more memorable with the kids, they had a swimming outing and video-oke’ sing along afterwards.

According to Mr. Frank, their visit was a worthwhile vacation because in return, they received joy from the kids which is indeed more than what they gave. And through this short visit, now they do understand why their daughter was that eager to go back in Bahay Aurora.

The kids were so thankful of seeing her once again together with her parents. Full of gratitude, they made some cards for Melissa and her parents. Simple cards with meaningful messages dedicated for her compassion and sincerity of spreading all the love she has.

Until next time ‘Ate Melissa’ & parents, welcome to the family!

Medication donated

Bahay Aurora received a donation of one box of assorted medicines from our friend Rojan Traders Unlimited,Inc.

Some medicines includes carbocisteine, ambroxol, ascorbic acid, cloxacillin. Last year October 2013 they have promise during our dental mission September 29, 2013 that they are going to donate some medicines for the kids, which it was happen last Monday afternoon.

So after dinner the Bahay Aurora children we’re able to take the vitamins ascorbic acid and some able to help cough and colds and future infections.

The Bahay Aurora staffs we’re very happy and grateful to Rojan Traders Unlimited,Inc. who does not stop in giving medicines and help Bahay Aurora children to meet their health needs. The Bahay Aurora are continue praying and thankful for the people who work and share their life, special gifts and kind hearts to help Bahay Aurora kids and in return

God will bless them a hundred folds.

Memorable birthday

Last week Tuesday (July 29), the staff organized a simple yet very meaningful and memorable birthday celebration. It was for the children who were born on the month of July.

Those children are Merlie who just turned 11, Mary Ann who is now 9 and lastly James, the newest child in the institution who is also 9 years old.Every month we celebrate the birthdays of that month because with so man kids it is simply not possible to do it on the day the child has his or her birthday, 2 or 3 times a week a party is no fun anymore.

We set the tables and chairs up in the basketball court and have party for them. As we displayed the birthday banner, smiles on their faces started to appear that brightened the whole foundation up despite the gloomy weather.The celebration started with a prayer led by Rodel (aka B2) and right after that was a birthday song sung by all of them for the birthday celebrants.

Happy Birthday means ‘Maligayang Kaarawan’ in Filipino/Tagalog.

Ate Rowena prepared the food that the children really enjoyed eating.

Merlie, Mary Ann and James were very thankful as they received individual gift from the staff of Bahay Aurora.

Being prepared means being save

One of the most powerful storms that hit Philippines this year is typhoon ‘Glenda’ that dealt Metro Manila a glancing blow of about three hours but it was enough to shut down the capital, the howling winds of Glenda brought down trees, electric posts and ripped off roofs across Metro Manila where government offices, schools and the stock market were shuttered for a day.

As a preparation for the typhoon before it happens, our kids from Bahay Aurora prepared their important things like emergency lights with batteries in case that there would be brownout, school uniforms, school materials, food to eat and even water to drink and also to be used for bathing and etc., that were assisted by the staffs on duty.

And afterwards, kids and staffs prayed for everyone’s safety and God protection. After the typhoon, the kids together with the staffs on duty help each other to clean the facilities. Glenda (Typhoon) leaves the Philippine area of responsibility last Thursday (July 17, 2014).

Dengue Awareness

The Philippines is a tropical country who experiences two seasons, it is the rainy and sunny season. When rainy season arrived, different diseases were spread especially when places experienced natural calamities such typhoons and floods.
News started coming out in the televisions, radios and newspapers with the diseases that Filipinos.
Some of these dreadful diseases encountered are leptospirosis who came from rats and the malaria and dengue form mosquitoes.

Dengue is the most common mosquito-borne viral disease of human. This disease doesn’t select the status of its victim. Any member of the society may suffer this disease.So we had a little a little activity together with the kids to clean the surroundings, In this kind of activity it is really a good way for them to practice the cleanliness and awareness of the dengue a good activity that makes them aware and does their share in helping minimize the deadly disease by clean-up drive.

To prevent dengue fever, you must prevent the breeding of its carrier, the Aedes mosquitoes. Aedes mosquitoes are identified by the black and white stripes on their body. You can get rid of the Aedes mosquito by frequently checking and removing stagnant water in your home.

The usual biting time of the mosquitoes is every early in the morning and early dawn and children are the frequent victims since they used to play everywhere especially after classes.

The best way to fight dengue is through sustained cleanliness and sanitation.