Staff Attends A Seminar

Every year, we at Bahay Aurora, make sure that the staff will undergo seminar or training. It aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of the staff in handling children for a better service. It also helps the staff to have network with other agencies with the same services, wherein the staff were able to share experiences and will able to realize that not only them were having problem especially with those difficult children. Eight staff members from Bahay Aurora attended the seminar for Child Care Workers in celebration of the Children’s Month at Ynares Center Multi-purpose Hall in Antipolo City which was attended by one hundred twenty (120) participants, the event focuses on the Child Protection Policies that touches the survival, protection and development. Child Protection Policies was discussed by a representative from Child Right Center, Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines.

Early childhood care and development was also discussed and followed by question from the participants.
With this, we can ensure that as a team, we can work hand and hand for the welfare of our children.

Eric en Rodel verzekerd van opleiding!

Melissa de Wilde heeft samen met haar ouders onlangs een tuinfeest georganiseerd voor Bahay Aurora.
Het doel was om de studie van Eric en Rodel te helpen bekostigen.

De jongemannen zijn inmiddels 16 en 17 jaar en zijn pas geleden begonnen aan een tweejarige opleiding. Eric, de oudste, studeert computerkunde en Rodel doet een opleiding hotel & restaurant.

Deze twee jongens hebben vanaf hun prille jeugd bij Bahay Aurora gewoond. Ze werden ooit gevonden in een doos op de vuilnisbelt. Via de gebruikelijke procedures zijn ze toen bij ons gekomen. Inmiddels is dat alweer 16 jaar geleden. Het sluitstuk bij Bahay Aurora voor beide jongens is om deze opleiding met goed gevolg af te sluiten en dan aan het werk te gaan. Best spannend allemaal.

De studiekosten zijn € 100 per maand . Door de actie van Melissa zijn de kosten voor het onderwijs van Eric en Rodel voor de totale 2 jaar gedekt, een geweldig succesvolle actie dus.

Naast dit succes hebben we met z’n allen ook een heel gezellige avond gehad met een tweetal optredens van bevriende artiesten. Het was zo leuk om ook weer een aantal bevriende vrijwilligers te zien die net als Melissa een periode bij Bahay Aurora hebben gewerkt.

We willen Melissa, haar ouders en alle mensen die hebben geholpen om deze avond tot een groot succes te maken heel hartelijk bedanken. Het was tot in de puntjes verzorgd en we hebben genoten met zijn allen.

Disaster Awareness

Philippines, has 2 season, the dry season which starts in December until May and the wet season at the month of June until November. Depends in the season, how high or low its ability can affect the country that also causes and ended into disasters.
Last week 10 kids and 4 staff-members prepared early to depart to Manila .We arrived very early in the venue and we are the first agency that came in that place as an early birds. When the organizers came, our kids initiated and helped them in putting the chairs and tables.

The program started with a prayer together with inspirational dance number from CRIBS. All kids were randomly grouped so that they can make friends with some other kids from the other agencies and they are guided by the social workers and staffs. Volunteers gave a meaningful message to the kids. Then it followed by the Disaster team that discussed about each types of disaster which are the fire, typhoon, flood and earthquake. They also gave an educational puppet show about these disasters to gain more knowledge and give them helpful tips and information to keep them safe. The drill was practiced outside example is earthquake. They were given also a question and answer regarding to each topic whoever will answer can take home a gift prize.

In the afternoon, the kids played games. Each group presented their own cheers .Their talents in composing song and dance steps came out and they shared it with their co-members and preformed it with confidence and as they knew each other before.

Bahay Aurora kids took many awards and prizes and the smile leave it at their faces after meeting and building new friendship with some other kids.
The kids enjoyed at the same time they improved their readiness, awareness, most importantly they learned a lot on how to deal and how to keep them safe during this time of calamities.