Why Filipinos go abroad

Going abroad either to work or to travel is a good experience, both have a negative and positive impact in live. There so many different and (some personal) reasons especially if you are not born rich and you are the bread winner of the family, depending on a person or family needs, satisfaction why Filipinos and even some poor country choose to work abroad which caused to left their family behind. One of the main reason is having a corrupt government which supposedly that these leaders of the country are helping and supporting their local citizens need and due to self-interest and greed is stopping the development of the country.

Of course there are advantages and disadvantages in going abroad. Advantages in working abroad, there is a higher salary or double income, which can help enough for the monthly bills, health care or paying for the educations of their children and to support other needs. Employment and other job opportunities abroad had bigger chances since Philippines has a bigger populations and not everyone is fit to work in a company or some are underemployed. There is also discrimination in the hiring process private or in government agencies. The salary and benefits offered are too low. Other reasons of working abroad for some, not only about money but it is a personal dream and taking opportunity to travel, experience and learn the culture from different people, especially if you are not born rich and you are the bread winner of the family.
A foreign country enhances the skills and develops the personality of a person to become an open minded and learn live independently.

The downside or disadvantages of working abroad, aside from the distance from the family. Children are longing for a parents touch and a moral support. Without a proper guidance It affects the behavior of a child psychologically or emotionally like for example the kid who were left behind by their both parents they become rebel or turn to become a drug pusher or a child become a victim of abused by their own relatives. With an abused employers, OFW’s can become a victim too.

Many Filipinos have to make actions and to take risks by seeking better opportunities in overseas to secure a better future for their family and loved ones.

Admission process

Admission Process Bahay Aurora
The child may either neglected, abandoned, indigent, foundling, surrendered or orphaned to be qualified to be admitted in an institution like Bahay Aurora. Bahay Aurora is not processing adoption, so so we were advised not to accept foundling, abandoned, and surrendered cases in adoptable age children. Since these cases should be process for adoption immediately. This is also to avoid transferring a child from one agency to another, to lessened bad effects on them emotionally and psychologically.
Mode of admission should either from local government unit, non-government agency, other non-government organizations through the assessment of the organizations social worker and then they will refer to us. Before the admission to our institution those children should be prepared for admission, referring parties will be doing the requirements such as pre-admission conference involving the parents/ guardians and referring party and the social worker from our agency, referral letter, Social Case Study report of the child, Birth certificate (if available), Medical Records/Medical Certificates, X-ray result, police blotter (if needed), School records (if going to school).
While referring party are preparing these papers the child maybe under their care or staying in an temporary place such as in a neighbor or the local government unit’s MSWD office. It is also a case to case bases. Sometimes when the children are lost or rescued their will be an exemption of emergency admission but this is not advisable for the reason that other referring parties are not doing their job when the child are already in our care. They tend to ignore us when we are requesting compliance to the incomplete requirements. There will be so many reasons for them not to do our request.
Medical check-up is one essential requirement since there were cases of a child having contagious illness. The admission will be on hold until the doctor will allow the child to mingle with other children. It is also to protect the children in our care.
Admission will happen when most of the essential requirements are ready. We are considerate enough to consider those papers that are not applicable at the time to follow after admission, such as school records and birth certificate.
Efforts were done to take all those children from the streets, from abusive families, neglected and indigents but due to not enough social workers/concern citizens to work on these children in need with so many paper works need to be done before a child can be helped become one of the main reasons why some children are still on their unfortunate conditions. Parents who are very selfish to keep their children with them even though they are not looking after them and not providing their needs properly are another reason. There were cases when the parents are harassing the institution to release their children from the agency’s care because they wanted their children back. We don’t have power to control cases like these. Even the government has no control for cases like this here in the Philippines. Another reason for declining admission to Bahay Aurora is that there are too many agencies catering children with the same categories within the region.
Due to our close relation with our partner agencies, Bahay Aurora is lucky enough to have more than 35 children currently in our care and more to come. Some agencies nearby has only few children or worst have to close down with varied reasons and one is because of lack of clients or no admission.