Importance of exercise

Physical exercise improves our daily activities. We burn calories, improves our lungs and heart. It also prevents from getting a diabetis, stroke, and heart problems. It lowers blood pressure and prevent from getting sick in the near future.

The immune system is being strenghten to combat illnesses. We become stronger our bones and muscles moves as we move through exercise.. It also brings energy for our daily activities. It also fights against cancer and keeps away from stresses in life.

Just 30 minutes a day of walking is good for our body.. As we load the food we eat sometimes gives us more sugar that stores in our body.. If this sugar is not use it can cause high sugar levels. This must be converted in work out. This means we need to exercise, we need to move so we can consume what we intake and use this energy to much sugar is not good.

We in Bahay Aurora gives importance to our exercise, this is the kids of Bahay Aurora, and this is also for our family who needs us. Proper exercise and good lifestyle can make a difference. This will improve our health and prevent any kinds of diseases. If we our healthy our mind and body is functioning to the optimum level that it should be..



During calamities like strong typhoons, Philippines is usually one of the most affected countries by  deadly floods and landslides. The effect of the climate change over the past years have seen because of its extreme heat that lead to stronger and frequent storms.


Looking back in September year 2009 from the Typhoon Ondoy, the storm hit Central Luzon where Rizal is located. The waters rose so fast that people living in low lying areas were caught unaware and had to stay in the roofs to avoid being swept away. Bahay Aurora had 70.000 euro worth of damage at the time.


Bahay Aurora got heavily affected by this typhoon. Luckily we managed to bring the kids to the second floor so no child got hurt. Walls   have been destroyed by heavy floods and it left damages all around  the compound and inside the buildings. Walls were replaced and furnished by strong blocks and the Bougainvillea and other trees are planted to make the wall extra strong. For safety reasons the sliding floodgate was built to protect the compound from the overflow of water from the river. It was placed to cover the entrance gate to resist the flood. Then the canal was constructed as the drainage and to navigate the river flows   or water floods through to the rice field. With continuous rainfalls the water levels gets up higher easily. It is very important to have canals because it help to lessen the water floods that could cause Dengue and Leptospirosis which is very harmful specially to the residents of Bahay Aurora, the children. One of our dear volunteers Tio Ton died one week after the typhoon due to Leptospirosis. He had only a very small wound but it got infected and all the hospital were overcrowded, thousands have died.


After this terrible experience in 2009 ,we regularly include to our activities the practice and awareness exercises  for our children about the natural disasters and calamities.

Independent living program

While legally an adult at the age of 18, for most people, the transition to independence is a gradual one. During these transition years, young people’s families provide financial assistance, help them decide on a career and/or support them while they learn how to live on their own. Unfortunately, kids in the residential care don’t have this luxury: one minute they are children, dependent for their food, clothing, shelter and health care, and the next minute they are on their own.   After coming out from the residential care, they face significantly higher risks of homelessness, drug addiction, unemployment, early pregnancy and jail time upon turning 18 than the general population.  



Independent Living provides children in residential care with the tools they need to become stable and productive adults. The main goal of the Independent Living Program is not only to teach young adults basic life skills, but also to help them develop problem solving and decision-making skills, and the ability to creatively meet the challenges that all adults face in daily life.  

Bahay Aurora Independent Living Program is structured to allow a young adult, from age 17 to transition from dependent care to autonomous adult living. Independent Living is intended to provide a safe environment for youth who have been either to Bahay Aurora or other residential care or other youth that has been reunited to their family but not receiving proper support.  

The length of time a youth can stay in Independent Living depends on each person’s motivation to become independent. Educational factors may also contribute to the length of time a youth is in the program. Youth may remain in the program until the age of 21 if they continue to progress in the development of new skills, pursue their education, and remain unemployed

Raymond Reyes experience

My experience being a replacement in Bahay Aurora.

Hello! I’m Raymond Reyes a former ojt’s here at Bahay Aurora. After I finished my study they gave me an opportunity to work here as a replacement.

My first day as a replacement in Bahay Aurora was great yet felt nervous because I don’t have any experience in parenting. But with the help of my knowledge in my course I easily socialize with them, knew their feelings emotionally and physically.

The kids treated me as their real Kuya, they show me respect, love and sometimes they’re being naughty. But it is okay because there are kids. As a replacement they treated me as a family member of Bahay Aurora especially the staff. I know that I am new in Bahay Aurora but I didn’t feel that I am other people. I would like to say thank you because I got a great experience, unforgettable memories and I learn a lot for being a replacement. I am looking for the next get together with Bahay Aurora Family.


Trip to Korea

May 19-29, 2018


Part of my education as a social worker was going to Korea in order to experience how organizations are working abroad. Going to Korea has been a great opportunity for me not for leisure but more on life learnings.

Kkottongnae Brother of Jesus, The institution that invited us for this trip to experience their Love in Action School Program. Though it was founded and run by Catholic priest, their social welfare service to the people in the community really amazed me.

Their intervention was literally from womb to tomb. They care much about those children with special needs. Some of them joined in the ASEAN sport competition.  Although abortion is prohibited in Korea still many women are doing and practicing it in different reasons,   some are just left anywhere but this congregation put up a cemetery for the aborted babies so that they will be buried properly fetus were just left in that cemetery.

Abandoned children were brought to the ‘House of Angels’ were children staying there were processed for adoption. The youngest was four (4) months old and the eldest was 7 yrs. Old. We were not allowed to take pictures since children there are for adoption.

Kkottongnae community has a house for children with special needs, on different level. The ratio was 2 teachers for 4 kids.

Some special children who are bigger and finished their high school have the bakery where they bake the breads for Kkottongnae community. Certificate were given to them if they finished equivalent to Philippine NCII.

Another experience that I will never forget was assisting the patients in the hospital. I really admired those people who are doing their jobs in the hospital the care and their passion in taking care of these people. Most of the patient in this hospital were abandoned by their family. The unit where we are assigned was those patients who are just waiting for their time of death but still they were treated very well and they don’t treat them as clients but as a family. Bathing them every day, putting lotion after bathe, fixing their beds and cleaning their rooms is what we did. They have their own columbary for the dead, and those who died on the streets with coordination with the police were also cremated and buried there.

The lesson that I learned from them was their heart for volunteerism and they are all doing this with love.

Back to school

After a long vacation the bahay aurora kids are now prepared this coming school year they are excited to come back with full of experience and happiness over the last two months, because here at bahay aurora were have a lot of activity during summer such like summer camp, swimming, walk-a-thon, running, educational tour and team building activity.

And now! they are already to face again the reality of being kids to learn and gain knowledge at the school. This year we have two of kids are now going their first step at the kinder garden they are excited to acquaint with new friends and also their teacher at the school.

Before the month of June start we prepared the belongings of the kids like new bag, notebook paper, ballpen, pencil, uniform, shoes etc. Also, we have storage room here manage by Ate Ella our teacher of special children and with the help of house parents the kids needed from school will provided of our supply room, every year we’ll do this to make sure from head to toe their satisfied to the needs and ready their minds before schooling.

We would like to Thank you!, once again to those donators of school supply, and all the best in the good work you are doing for the children of Bahay Aurora.

-Matthew Custodio (Bahay Aurora Staff

Unit discussions

Here in Bahay Aurora the staffs specifically the Social workers and the house parents were giving the kids a once a week Unit discussion. This content of a fairly controversial topic, such as ‘Friends are more important than family’ and asking the kids to decide whether they agree, disagree or have opinion, making notes on their main arguments to support their viewpoint. Many topics were coming on to talk to and it depends on what kids want to talk about. Explain that for this discussion, the aim is to keep their inner emotions ventilated as far as possible. We as facilitators of this activity monitor and give feedback on these areas.

One of the most important things for this skill is for the kids of Bahay Aurora is to learn when it is and isn’t appropriate to interrupt and how to do it. Very often kids will talk over each other in an effort to get their point across and to listen.

Developing group discussion skills is useful for their everyday life as we regularly find ourselves having discussions amongst friends, family and colleagues. These may vary from very informal chats about day-to-day things, to more serious topics, for example a discussion about a recent news story or a problem that needs to be solved. This kind of activity also offers an opportunity for extended speaking and listening practice by the children. Unit discussion practice and skill development is therefore useful for all these kids.

It is important to consider the different skills that are involved in participating in a group discussion and ensure that we do activities that address each of these. Additionally, structuring and varying the way that feedback is given will help the kids to identify areas for improvement.

Yoga time

Every night the assign staff at Bahay Aurora is conducting yoga. We are doing a yoga at the court of Bahay aurora, because every night the place that we chose to conduct it is a quiet place, so that all participants can relax their mind, body and soul and to focus them on meditation of yoga with a nice music.



Boys and girls of Bahay Aurora was divided into two groups. The two groups had a yoga session every other day (alternate schedule).

Yoga can provide relief from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Yoga also promotes breathing through the nose, which filters the air, warms it (cold, dry air is more likely to trigger an asthma attack in people who are sensitive), and humidifies it, removing pollen and dirt and other things you’d rather not take into your lungs. Yoga can help you make changes in your life. In fact, that might be its greatest strength.

Yoga and meditation build awareness. And the more aware you are, the easier it is to break free of destructive emotions like anger.  Yoga appears to reduce anger by increasing feelings of compassion and interconnection and by calming the nervous system and the mind. It also increases your ability to step back from the drama of your own life, to remain steady in the face of bad news or unsettling events.  Thanks to the techniques I learned in YouTube.


About Nina, by Josie Talavera

She is Nina Bleeker, 24 years old from Harlem Netherlands. She has a twin sister named Marit and has older brother named Yannick. She is studying Social work, a 4-year course. She is now third year in her course.

Before she went here in Bahay Aurora, she said that she makes a research for her experience in other country then she found Bahay Aurora in the website. Bahay Aurora was found in the Philippines. Nina was excited to come in the Philippines especially in Bahay Aurora. Actually, this is her first time to visit in Asia.



When she arrived, she felt overwhelmed because of the difference[NS1]    between the culture and the time that she used to it. According to her she likes people here in the Philippines because the people are friendly, kind and make her feel welcome.

About the food, she tried and taste chicken feet, dried fish, chocolate rice, adobo, liver and blood soup. We are happy that she like it and she experience Filipino food.

Nina is also the one who was making summer activity schedule of Bahay Aurora that we are following right now. She also raised money for summer camp in Bahay Aurora.



She likes kids smiling, playing with them and giving them more attention when they are doing activities. She is also flexible to any activity in Bahay Aurora.   She is also joining and helping Ate Ella’s class (sped class) every afternoon.

According to her she is planning to visit Palawan (one of the most beautiful island here in the Philippines). And according to her after her internship she wants to finish her study and she is also planning to come back again in Bahay Aurora. She wants to keep in touch and continue her support in Bahay Aurora and hopefully she will come again with her twin sister. We are blessed to have you Nina! God bless! ‘Let all things be done in love’.


Once again, our good friends from William Hill did it again. They made an amazing project of bringing the kids of bahay aurora to join the kidZania.
What is kidzania?
KidZania is an indoor play city where kids can have fun exploring the adult world! KidZania is one of the fastest growing educational entertainment brands, with 20 facilities all over the world from Mexico to Dubai to Tokyo.
The Concept
KidZania Manila is a safe, unique, and interactive environment where children aged 4-17 can discover, explore, and learn about the adult world – in a kid-sized city built just for them
It’s a play city built to scale for children – complete with paved streets, transport system, and a functioning economy. With 8,000 square meters of play space, children can explore their interests and learn life skills through over 70 immersive role playing activities.
KidZania Manila provides a dynamic way to help kids learn by taking on exciting role-play activities such as pilots, cooks, artists, firefighters, veterinarians, and even broadcasters.
All activities are reality-based, hands-on, and interactive. Kids also get to wear realistic uniforms and use realistic work tools!
It was fun, educational and unforgettable experience for the kids of bahay aurora.
So thank you William Hill for making this possible, Special thanks to Mr. Nico Provido and family and to Ms. Juve.