A working student

Rodel is one of the oldest children in bahay aurora. He was 1 year old when he came with his brother and now. He is turning 18 on September, He is now working in a bakery (Bread store) while studying as a HRM student (Hotel and restaurant management). Even now he’s working, he is still showing good grades. He is really responsible for his study. He is working from 5 in the afternoon till 10 in the evening, then he sleeps till 4.30. Then he sells the bread in the store comes back home at bahay aurora at 6 AM to do his chores and goes back to school at 9 AM.
We can see that he is really determined to finish his studies while supporting himself. He never fails to attend school even he is tired. He told me that he is also saving money to buy a bike so he can use the bike as a service for work and school. When he is on his day off, he is teaching football to the kids in his former elementeray school and attends the church every Sunday. According to his colleagues at the bread store, Rodel is really humble, fast learner, trustworthy and polite. That’s why we are really proud of him because we know that he is working and studying with Love. In his heart, he is still doing what he learned from many years of stay here in bahay aurora the ‘ Let all things be done in Love’ means.

Nutrition month

Every month of July, primary and secondary schools in the Philippines are preparing to celebrate “Nutrition Month”. On that celebration there are different kinds of activities that includes nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables and many more. They conducted parades for students and they were also assigned to draw and paint vegetables and fruits, they cut it out, pasted it into a yarn and placed it on a stick for them to present it in to that said parade.
Kids from Bahay Aurora participated in the celebration on their school and while doing their art works after school for the Nutrition Month, staffs from Bahay Aurora had their time to teach children with regards to the importance of eating nutritious foods and what are the benefits of it, for them to have a healthy lifestyle and also prevent sickness.

Bukluran returns

It has been for years that the group of Bukluran was coming to our place to share their blessings to our children. Last July 25, 2015, again they visited Bahay Aurora to share their blessings. First they did a simultaneous team building activity which the children really enjoyed. After that we had a ‘Budol Fight’ lunch with unlimited cake for the kids because three of them celebrated their birthday. The celebrants were teary eyed when they were given a card and read the message written on it.
We thank them for giving a raincoat for each child Our kids really loved it because no one will go home wet anymore due to unexpected rains every day. Our kids also enjoyed the collectors’ item toys that were given to them and to others slippers and shoes.
We thank you ‘Bukluran’ for making our kids happy.