Typhoon Mario can’t break us:

Since PAG-ASA said that it’ll come on Saturday or Sunday, as much as we loved to be at the office on time or as early before our scheduled time, this typhoon caused us some troubles, this is due to flood at some a areas in Rizal where we used to be our ways for us to be at the office. We rented a tricycle from our home up until Bahay Aurora taking other long ways and turns for us just to be at the office, the only thing that comes to our mind onour way there is to be at the office and not to be absent and took care of the children since the weather is not that good. Angel our maintenance had to swim a long track to be able to leave his house and come to work. He was needed because the generator needed to be started since there was no electric. After hours he arrived, fixed the generator and we had electric again. In the night it is too hard to be without. Candles are dangerous so we are thankful he helped us out. (he will be a good candidate for a triathlon !) As we arrived at the office we(staff), the children and also the OJTs helped each other to prepare since the weather is getting worst, we fetch water for drink, candles, flash lights and other necessities, put all clean clothes of the children and other important things at a higher place since we don’t know if the flood will rise up or if it’ll be high again like the past typhoon Ondoy, we are thinking that there’s nothing wrong of being prepared at all times rather than risking all things up and also thinks about the safety.
After we prepared, we gathered all our children from Bahay Aurora since that classes are all suspended we decided to have a movie but unfortunately when all are set, electricity got disconnected so we need to think of other ways for them not to be bored, so we encouraged them to be on a computer room (upstairs) and let them stay but with a guidance of an older person (staff and OJTs).
After all that happened today, still we are all thankful since all of us are safe, stayed happy and enjoyed the company of each other though there is a typhoon outside.

Dance Therapy

Bahay Aurora would like to welcome our new volunteer from Belgium. Kristien Maus will stay till September 12,2014.
A graduate of Dance and movement therapy.

Her goal is to give a good or new experience to the kids by expressing their emotions in dance movement.
She is expecting that the kids will learn something from the dance and movement sessions, that they will be stronger and feel better.
She thinks that Bahay aurora is a very nice initiative and a good place for the kids.

The kids looks happy, and its like a huge family taking care of each other. Kristien, Welcome to the family!
Dance therapy is beneficial to both physical and mental health. It is used as a method of reducing stress, and has been used by various groups of people including caregivers and people with chronic illness. In addition, the physical impact it has on participants includes increased muscular strength, coordination, and mobility, and decreased muscular tension.Emotionally, this form of therapy enables people to gain a greater sense of well-being and self-awareness and provides an outlet for the expression of feelings.

Some experts believe that dance therapy may also insulate the body from disease by strengthening the immune system.