Julie Ann


I’m Julie Ann and I work for 3 years as a child development worker in Bahay Aurora. I consider Bahay Aurora as one great big family with the children and staff. I love being part of something larger that makes a difference. Every day is a challenge for me in many different ways and I am always learning at the end of the day. It’s a good feeling and pleasurable to help the kids in need.



We can also express our opinions and we’re allowed to speak our mind without fear. I learned to become more “myself”. My self-esteem boosted. It gas grown and enhanced my potentials and I discovered my (hidden) talents. Co-workers and the management are supportive to each other.



I am also able to use my skills and knowledge as well. I can learn more of the things that I haven’t tried before by means of becoming more flexible, creative and enjoyable in my job. I stay for so long because every one cares. We work with compassion towards each other and with the kids unconditionally. Bahay Aurora is a home of love.

A child in need

Johnny a 15 years old boy (not his real name) is now in his grade 7 in a local public high school. He maintains good standing in the class with average grades. He is a hard working student who never forgets to do his assignments and projects. He always knows what is needed in school and seeks assistance when he has difficulty with their lessons. He is a caring and sweet boy, dreaming to become successful someday. He even dreams of becoming a doctor when he grows up. He is a foundling child who is now living in Bahay Aurora. He was found after he ran away from home for alleged maltreatment from his mother and he grew really scared of her. Since then, he had lived from place to place until a local MSWD-LGU from Imus Cavite referred him to Bahay Aurora. He cannot remember his home adress, his parents name and other relatives and friends so we are not able to reunify or send him home. Community search was done but that prove futile. The foundation is providing for his basic daily needs such as food, shelter, medical needs and education. Johnny is dreaming of finishing his education and we hope to provide his needs this is why we are asking from your kind heart for support to fulfill his dreams to finish his studies and for his better future.

Rona in the Netherlands

I am Rona Santiago, Child Development Worker in Bahay Aurora. I thought that I cannot stay long in Bahay Aurora because it was not easy dealing with the kids during my first day. Dealing with different behavior is not easy. Each of them have different approach and it depends to the behavior that the kids show. I really need to adjust more before I get the authority and their attention. I learned a lot in this work. I learned how to appreciate little things, I discover my talents, I learned to socialize etc. Then after a month, little by little I saw the improvement of myself. I just realize that you cannot stay long in your work if you do not love your work. I am now seven years working in Bahay Aurora, maybe the secret of staying long in this work is LOVE. You have to work with your heart. I handle toddlers (unit 2 kids) and it was fun to be with them, even though you are strict to them but still you will see that they will respect you and will show they care for you. The special part is when they didn’t forget your special day. They are always giving cards to greet you.