Rona in the Netherlands

I am Rona Santiago, Child Development Worker in Bahay Aurora. I thought that I cannot stay long in Bahay Aurora because it was not easy dealing with the kids during my first day. Dealing with different behavior is not easy. Each of them have different approach and it depends to the behavior that the kids show. I really need to adjust more before I get the authority and their attention. I learned a lot in this work. I learned how to appreciate little things, I discover my talents, I learned to socialize etc. Then after a month, little by little I saw the improvement of myself. I just realize that you cannot stay long in your work if you do not love your work. I am now seven years working in Bahay Aurora, maybe the secret of staying long in this work is LOVE. You have to work with your heart. I handle toddlers (unit 2 kids) and it was fun to be with them, even though you are strict to them but still you will see that they will respect you and will show they care for you. The special part is when they didn’t forget your special day. They are always giving cards to greet you.