Raymond Reyes experience

My experience being a replacement in Bahay Aurora.

Hello! I’m Raymond Reyes a former ojt’s here at Bahay Aurora. After I finished my study they gave me an opportunity to work here as a replacement.

My first day as a replacement in Bahay Aurora was great yet felt nervous because I don’t have any experience in parenting. But with the help of my knowledge in my course I easily socialize with them, knew their feelings emotionally and physically.

The kids treated me as their real Kuya, they show me respect, love and sometimes they’re being naughty. But it is okay because there are kids. As a replacement they treated me as a family member of Bahay Aurora especially the staff. I know that I am new in Bahay Aurora but I didn’t feel that I am other people. I would like to say thank you because I got a great experience, unforgettable memories and I learn a lot for being a replacement. I am looking for the next get together with Bahay Aurora Family.