Dengue Awareness

The Philippines is a tropical country who experiences two seasons, it is the rainy and sunny season. When rainy season arrived, different diseases were spread especially when places experienced natural calamities such typhoons and floods.
News started coming out in the televisions, radios and newspapers with the diseases that Filipinos.
Some of these dreadful diseases encountered are leptospirosis who came from rats and the malaria and dengue form mosquitoes.

Dengue is the most common mosquito-borne viral disease of human. This disease doesn’t select the status of its victim. Any member of the society may suffer this disease.So we had a little a little activity together with the kids to clean the surroundings, In this kind of activity it is really a good way for them to practice the cleanliness and awareness of the dengue a good activity that makes them aware and does their share in helping minimize the deadly disease by clean-up drive.

To prevent dengue fever, you must prevent the breeding of its carrier, the Aedes mosquitoes. Aedes mosquitoes are identified by the black and white stripes on their body. You can get rid of the Aedes mosquito by frequently checking and removing stagnant water in your home.

The usual biting time of the mosquitoes is every early in the morning and early dawn and children are the frequent victims since they used to play everywhere especially after classes.

The best way to fight dengue is through sustained cleanliness and sanitation.