A regular day at BA

To start the day, the kids in Bahay Aurora wake up at 6am. The day will start with an exercise. The 30 minutes running along the premises of Bahay Aurora. This will strengthen the immune system of the kids to fight different kinds of diseases. After the running exercise they will have a water break to replenish the lost water in their bodies. Each kid has a different task in BA, they were taught to be responsible doing task similar to what they do at home. Usually unit 1 and unit 3 Do these tasks.



There is a program of activity for each day after doing task they will have their breakfast. And they will have an activity to do like trampoline, skipping ropes and board games. After this activity they will have their lunch, they will have a rest after lunch they can do nap time. In the Afternoon they will have word puzzle, sudoku and coloring.

They will clean the surrounding in the afternoon each one has a task to perform. After this they will have to take a bath and be ready for dinner. During the night the activity is to be creative and to perform art activity. This is one of the activity schedules on this day in Bahay Aurora during summer, each day has a different set of activity to perform.



The kids are given different sets of activity each day so they can enhance their minds and develop their creativeness through these activities. This is done during summer not only helping them in their needs but also to provide them with activities so their summer will be meaningful and they can enjoy. This is how a day is spent in Bahay Aurora.