Scrapbook from the heart

Tom, one of the loyal visitors of Bahay Aurora, came in the institution and gave another happy memory to all kids. He brought a scrapbook and some personalized letters that were made by the kids and his friends in Holland. He said that this was made for our kids in Bahay Aurora. Our kids were very happy and surprised because they received a scrapbook/letters that was made in another country with different nationalities, they’re hearts were touched because even the other country showed much love for them, our kids were very thankful and blessed. And to this, it only means that distance doesn’t really matter to show love and concern for each other. And as a token, our kids from Bahay Aurora mostly in Unit 2 also made a scrapbook for them, they made it with their whole heart and effort. It’s not only an art, it’s an ART with LOVE. Let all things be done with love.