Angel 70

Angel our oldest worker became 70 years of age today.
Angel is already working in Bahay Aurora since he was 45 years of age, so 25 years !
Every day Angel is walking to his job, approx. 3 km in the morning and at 5 PM he will walk home.
A good example for other workers who could also use the exercise. People in the Philippines don’t move enough and it gives a lot of problems on older age.
Luckily Angel is strong as a horse and very healthy so hopefully he will be with us for many years to come.
Angel carries great value for Bahay Aurora, he is an engineer and he is a very talented craftsman who has many different skills.
If the car breaks down Angel will fix it, if we need to construct a building Angel will advise how, the covered court was build and constructed by him together with only one helper. He knows everything from electric and has put the electrical systems in all the buildings. He designed and build the playground of the kids.
Since Angel is an older person he is very much respected by the children and the workers. He is “the soul” of Bahay Aurora and in that sense Bahay Aurora is a very complete place to live for the kids. We had all the good reasons to celebrate and show our respects to him. In order to do so we send several video’s with congratulation wishes , he watched it together with the staff in the presentation room. After that Brother June and Brother Emer organized a prayer meeting, a sign of thanks giving upon reaching this milestone of his 70th birthday. Last but not least it was time to eat ! No party in the Philippines without lots of food so all enjoyed. Thank you so much Angel for those 25 years of service and we wish you will stay with us for many years to come. God Bless

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