Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is the executive department of the Philippine Government responsible for the protection of the social welfare rights of Filipinos and to promote social development. They make sure that all private Social Welfare Development Agencies (SWDAs) operating will comply and have registration and license to operate. A SWDA will be given registration with the validity of Certificate of registration for 3 years. Our DSWD registration will enable us the inclusion of our NGO in the DSWD’s Registry of Registered, Licensed and/or Accredited SWDAs. Technical Assistance will be given by the DSWD on programs and services implementation of our agency. Our registration will enable us for the participation in DSWD’s capability building and skills enhancement and other benefits and privileges provided from time to time by DSWD. Short comings? Since they only have three persons working in the technical assistance department where we always transact with, most of the time they were late in the information that was given to us. Since we are registered, we were able to participate in the trainings and capability building that the DSWD is giving. There are times that they were having training for social workers and another for house parents for free. Mostly our social worker were able to attend training /seminar about case management. Jazel, Juvie, Joahnna and Safhe were able to attend different trainings.
Other benefits and privileges from time to time was just like we were be able to be recommended for the raffle of other companies, we were picked in the raffle during mercury drug anniversary celebration years ago, also was given boxes of noodles, sometimes they give food packs if there are disasters.