Being prepared means being save

One of the most powerful storms that hit Philippines this year is typhoon ‘Glenda’ that dealt Metro Manila a glancing blow of about three hours but it was enough to shut down the capital, the howling winds of Glenda brought down trees, electric posts and ripped off roofs across Metro Manila where government offices, schools and the stock market were shuttered for a day.

As a preparation for the typhoon before it happens, our kids from Bahay Aurora prepared their important things like emergency lights with batteries in case that there would be brownout, school uniforms, school materials, food to eat and even water to drink and also to be used for bathing and etc., that were assisted by the staffs on duty.

And afterwards, kids and staffs prayed for everyone’s safety and God protection. After the typhoon, the kids together with the staffs on duty help each other to clean the facilities. Glenda (Typhoon) leaves the Philippine area of responsibility last Thursday (July 17, 2014).

Dengue Awareness

The Philippines is a tropical country who experiences two seasons, it is the rainy and sunny season. When rainy season arrived, different diseases were spread especially when places experienced natural calamities such typhoons and floods.
News started coming out in the televisions, radios and newspapers with the diseases that Filipinos.
Some of these dreadful diseases encountered are leptospirosis who came from rats and the malaria and dengue form mosquitoes.

Dengue is the most common mosquito-borne viral disease of human. This disease doesn’t select the status of its victim. Any member of the society may suffer this disease.So we had a little a little activity together with the kids to clean the surroundings, In this kind of activity it is really a good way for them to practice the cleanliness and awareness of the dengue a good activity that makes them aware and does their share in helping minimize the deadly disease by clean-up drive.

To prevent dengue fever, you must prevent the breeding of its carrier, the Aedes mosquitoes. Aedes mosquitoes are identified by the black and white stripes on their body. You can get rid of the Aedes mosquito by frequently checking and removing stagnant water in your home.

The usual biting time of the mosquitoes is every early in the morning and early dawn and children are the frequent victims since they used to play everywhere especially after classes.

The best way to fight dengue is through sustained cleanliness and sanitation.


ART like its definition; something that is created with imagination and skill, beautiful and expresses
important ideas or feelings; a skill acquired by experience, study or observation.

These inspired me and made me wanted to connect art with the Bahay Aurora’s kids. I witnessed their creativity and
capability; they just need help in order to express it.

It’s fun to be with them learning, making new and different letters in their own unique designs and how
they make it colourful. It will also a great help to them especially if they practice more because with
this they can do their projects with their awful hand, they can make beautiful cards, paintings,
posters etc. and it can also be their source of income near future.


Visit of Bahay Aurora friends

It was a beautiful Sunday when two groups of visitors came to Bahay Aurora.
In the morning, the Group of Nenita Napone who has been a good friend to Bahay Aurora for a long time. They had some games that our kids really enjoyed. They shared to our kids drinking bottle which they can use in school together with packs of health kit and of course our kids favorite ‘spaghetti’ and juice.

In the afternoon came the relatives of Hubert Perez (Member of BUKLURAN GROUP). Their good and kind heart always finds time to share their blessing with our kids.
During their visit they gave some pair of slippers for our kids and they also give some school supplies for the students.
The kids were very thankful to these people who always find time to share their blessing.

God Bless them all!

Freshman Year in College

Brothers Eric and Rodel have been together since they were little, they are each other’s most valuable treasure. They spent almost their whole lives living in Bahay Aurora, a place that became their sanctuary.

Last March, they have just completed High School and currently studying in College, a new challenge has come for both of them. With complete different school settings they are still adjusting to a new environment filled with unfamiliar faces. Eric is taking up Computer Technology while Rodel on the other hand chose Hotel and Restaurant Management as his course, both are attending in the same school that is located in Morong, Rizal.

The Gomez brothers are quite happy about the fact that they are now college students, as their goals and dreams in life shape up. Let us all wish these two young gentlemen to give their very best to reach their full potential and to achieve nothing but success that may lead them to a bright future.

Back to school

Two months summer vacation is now over and it’s time for our children to go back to school.

From our little ones to older ones, they were all very excited to learn new things, gain more knowledge and make new friends.
Most of them are now in different grade levels and some are just starting to learn how to read and write.

Weeks prior to the actual class opening, our children kept asking; ‘when will be the first day of class?’ and as a worker you really could see and feel that these children were very excited about going to school as students.

Each and every one of them received a new set of school uniforms, a pair of shoes, school materials such as notebooks, pencils, crayons, papers, backpacks, etc.

As they tried out their uniforms, smiles on their faces were gathered and lightened up the whole foundation with pure happiness and gratefulness.

Bye bye Cindy & Mercedez

23-05-2014 After 11 years Cindy and Meredez will go back home.
A few days ago they needed to left Bahay Aurora. Cindy and Meredez were really sad that they needed to leave; it felt like leaving their safe haven. Bahay Aurora became a family for the girls.

There was a lot of crying so it was hard to say goodbye. Also the other kids had a hard time to tell their goodbyes to them, because they are going to miss them both so much. All the kids really appreciated Cindy and Mercedez.
The staff of Bahay Aurora is really proud of Cindy and Meredez because they showed such a big change.

They grew up from two young children to two healthy young girls. They learned a lot in Bahay Aurora and the staff is convinced they will continue at home everything Bahay Aurora teached them. Cindy and Meredez are really doing their best in school.
They understand how important it is to go to school and that is the reason they are always doing the best they can. They are really an example to other children.

Cindy will go to College and take her Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.. Meredez will take Bachelor of Science in Education major in English.
It’s hard to let them go, but we are sure they will do great in their life!
Cindy and Mercedez we wish you all the best! and may all your wishes come true!