Farewell Maribic

Bahay Aurora is a child–caring agency for the orphaned, abandoned, neglected and surrendered children. But a special case can be admitted in some extent of consideration especially if it is a sibling of two or more who also qualifies the eligibility for admission. Maribic was only 5 years old when she was admitted at the center together with her sister Sharon. The sibling, like other children needed weeks to fully adjust with their new environment and unfamiliar faces. She also possess an amazing skill to assimilate with her co- resident and undeniable charm to connect with people despite the disability on verbal communication, Has the “undeniable” These are only few assets she has which is an advantage for her to get people’s attention and be able to participate equally in every activities in Bahay Aurora for children of her age.  Maria is an active child. She plays with other children, can converse in every discussion and surprisingly can show off her skills and talents. Despite her disability, she can dance and sing. And for several times offered and intermission number though singing with the guidance of  Bahay Aurora staff. It was a happening which will be considered as a funny thing for few but to Bahay  Aurora family, She is a living proof that one’s disability does not equates his or her capacity to connect to others, bring laughter and have a purpose in life.Maribic already went back home after few years of stay at Bahay Aurora. The Bahay aurora family hope that she learned   how to be a good child through the teaching given through SPED where she was enrolled  and though SPED where she was enrolled and through relationships that was built with equality, respect and love.