Brother Ruben & Sister Juby

Every community has his heroes. For us those heroes are Brother Ruben and Sister Juby. Brother Ruben is the priest from the Church of Christ in Morong and Sister Juby is his wife. For the past 15 years they have been giving Bible lessons to our kids. The older kids with Brother Ruben and the younger kids with Sister Juby. To be a hero you don’t need to do something spectacular. To offer your time and attention to our kids for such a long time is in my opinion also heroic.We appreciate your contribution very much and the children always enjoy to be in your classes.I’m sure they learn something useful during that special hour. Life is not only about making a living but maybe more about how we life together as a community, how to respect each other.
For Bahay Aurora you are true heroes, thank you so much for your contribution. Salamat Po!