Mind Museum

Last August 6, the Children of Bahay Aurora together with the staff had an educational field trip to the Mind Museum. Departure time 6:00 am, the children got excited and it can see in every face of the children the thrill and excitement that they had before the departure time. They had there breakfast in the bus. Arriving time at Mind Museum 9:00 am they were given instruction of the things they must do and the things they must not do. They had really a great time in Mind Museum a lots of learning experience all about Science the technology and what really is the word of Science. The outer space, the start of everything, elements of the world and what really includes and compose of the Earth. The smile  and joy in each and every one was brought by Sir Nico and his colleague’s the Mind Museum was only the Introduction the main course is the Football Camp they play in the football field together with Sir Nico’s friends the children got a chance to play the real game. everyone were tired at the end but still very much satisfied with what The Camp provides. we thank Sir Nico for sharing with us the Chance of letting the Children of bahay Aurora Enjoy that wonderful experience