Importance of exercise

Physical exercise improves our daily activities. We burn calories, improves our lungs and heart. It also prevents from getting a diabetis, stroke, and heart problems. It lowers blood pressure and prevent from getting sick in the near future.

The immune system is being strenghten to combat illnesses. We become stronger our bones and muscles moves as we move through exercise.. It also brings energy for our daily activities. It also fights against cancer and keeps away from stresses in life.



Just 30 minutes a day of walking is good for our body.. As we load the food we eat sometimes gives us more sugar that stores in our body.. If this sugar is not use it can cause high sugar levels. This must be converted in work out. This means we need to exercise, we need to move so we can consume what we intake and use this energy to much sugar is not good.

We in Bahay Aurora gives importance to our exercise, this is the kids of Bahay Aurora, and this is also for our family who needs us. Proper exercise and good lifestyle can make a difference. This will improve our health and prevent any kinds of diseases. If we our healthy our mind and body is functioning to the optimum level that it should be..


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