We would like you to meet our new social worker!
She is Patricia Marie L. Llgas, 22 years old and lives in Baras, Rizal. She is the youngest in four siblings, graduated high school with honor, she studied college in CEU Manila batch 2016 in the degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Social Worker.
According to her when she was a kid she loved children, she also loves helping other people especially in need.
Knowing that her job is to help kids achieve their full potentials and to help them feel happier and better about themselves brings a huge smile to her face and helps her sleep better at night. There are thousands of reasons why she thinks helping children and their families is the best job in the word, even knowing that her profession is one of the most stressful jobs in the world, she said that helping children and their families is the most rewarding job that she can think of.
About working in Bahay Aurora, she found herself inside Bahay Aurora constantly inspired by determination and resourcefulness of the people with whom she was working for, she talks about her co-Social Worker and the House Parents, especially our boss Sir Herke and Mam Arlene.
According to her Bahay Aurora is not just an institution or a home for children, for her this is now her second home where she feels really complete because of the loving children she’s helping everyday.
She would like to express a big thanks to Bahay Aurora Community, she also added that Bahay Aurora touches her heart in so many ways by bringing and giving her the opportunity to be the part of this institution.


(Patricia Marie Llagas-Social Worker)

On my first day here, I was greeted by the staffs of Bahay Aurora, welcomed, offered a cup of coffee, given a brief orientation and complete tour of the facilities before joining my colleagues. There I was given a complete preview of the institution and their values. The first thing I noticed what they lived out their values, even in the onboarding process as opposed to just having a paper hand out and some words on a wall. Additionally, I was able to log in and start work on the first day… and everything worked the e-mail, phone, settings, programs I would need, it was all seamless and efficient.
This institution was not only ready for me to start, they made sure I understood that I was valued, welcomed and a significant part of the organization. I knew my confidence in the company was at a high level and it told me I made the right choice to join this institution.
It was certainly worth the move. The results of these first impressions made me not only glad I had made the move to this institution but made me want to hit the ground running and truly work as hard for Bahay Aurora as they had worked to make me feel welcome.
Bahay Aurora gives me a great impression that I am surely will last. Working in this institution for almost a couple of month and it seems to be good working with a systematic organization like this. Where I am working under restrictive policies but no real pressure within. And it really helps me to be more disciplined young professional.
I am pretty sure that Bahay Aurora Foundation will help me to boost my confidence and enhanced my skills in developing my inner capabilities being a young professional. I will work for the institution’s goals and targets and in return, I expect to grow professionally in my career path with FABKI.

Thank you Bahay Aurora for the new learnings, good company and a great atmosphere to work on!

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