Peter Mark M.Demasu-ay

Peter Mark M.Demasu-ay, RSW
Experience in Bahay Aurora

My one month stay in Bahay Aurora since I started my job as a social worker here last January 2,2108 is very happy, awesome, relaxing, fulfilling, and blessing.
Happy because I have a new job, new perspective, new learning and new people to interact with I am also happy because the place was great and it is located at the province were many scenery and places I can visit during my day off.
I feel awesome because the management and staff are very supportive and approachable especially during my first day. It is awesome because I have learned so many task, knowledge, skills especially about the dealing on PCAR Parenting Capability Assessment, group Activity with the kids and case management it truly develops my profession and it feels good to me.
It is relaxing because my past job experiences were very hectic, polluted, mismanaged but here in Bahay aurora the place is good the job is easy no cramming and easy to handle the staff is good.
Also, for me the stay here at Bahay Aurora is fulfilling and blessing it is a challenging task to help the children but a fulfilling journey to help them, guiding them to be good even though there are times they are naughty.
I thank the lord for the blessing and giving this kind of Job, it helps me to become a good social worker and it will also develop my knowledge and skill towards my profession and looking forward for more years to come.

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